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About us

CACIO is the Czech Association of Chief Information Officers whose members are top IT managers. It was established in June 1998 and currently has 103 members representing the top IT management of individual companies.

The goals of the Association are to build a professional platform of IT managers, to increase IT benefits for individual companies as well as for the entire Czech economy, and to support, by all possible means, better use of the available technical and programme tools.

The Association's goals

Information Sharing

The purpose of the Association is to share information among its members. One huge advantage of the meetings is the relaxed atmosphere, as the meetings are not organised exclusively for commercial purposes. Individual meetings focus on sharing information on selected areas of interest to and selected by members.

Formation of Professional Opinion


Our goal is to present the professional opinions of our members, to communicate with partner associations and create conditions for cost and time optimisation with respect to the ?supplier environment?. We will try to determine what is needed in the IT market, where we can help our members, etc.

IT Project of the Year Competition


The competition´s goal is to choose an entry and present an award for the IT Project of the Year for extraordinary benefit or success in the realisation and implementation of IT systems according to predetermined benchmarking criteria and measures. The evaluation covers projects entered by companies, institutions, organisations and public administration.


Kancelář CACIO
Vltavská 14
150 00 Praha 5


tel.: +420 267 053 400
GSM: +420 605 010 788
e-mail: tajemnik@cacio.cz